Surgical Retina Care

Surgical Retina Care

CRI surgeons are among the top-ranked eye surgeons in the world and pride themselves in providing the whole spectrum of vitreoretinal surgery. Surgery is performed for retinal detachment, several different macular diseases, vitreous hemorrhage, complications of cataract surgery, trauma, and many other conditions. Surgery is typically done as an outpatient at Hamilton Eye Institute ambulatory surgery center, but we also operate at several other facilities when needed.

Our surgical coordinator will assist you and your physician in scheduling and planning the date, time, location, length of time you will be the surgical facility, post-operative follow-up, medications and activities/positioning.  The surgical coordinator will also discuss pre-operative medical assessment and what to do about systemic medications. Most adult vitreoretinal surgery is performed under local anesthesia.  You will be given medications through an IV by an anesthesiologist during the surgery to relax and make you sleepy. General anesthesia is rarely necessary, but can be performed if indicated.